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Auckland Choral:

  • Is a choir of 120-strong mixed voices from all walks of life.
  • Has been singing for Auckland since 1855 and is the oldest arts organisation in New Zealand.


What We Do

  • Continue our tradition of performing some of the great symphonic choral works.
  • Cater for diverse audiences of Aucklanders of all ages.
  • Perform with professional orchestras and soloists.
  • Support and nurture New Zealand music and composers.

Help Make This Happen

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With Auckland Choral Society’s vision to be “a world-class choral society, providing artistically excellent performances”, we are extremely grateful to all those who have generously provided donations to the choir. With your generosity, the choir will be able to maintain performances of outstanding choral music.

We have decided to embrace our unique New Zealand birds as our way of acknowledging different levels of donation.

Kōkako — $10,000 and above

Freemasons Foundation
Rhondda Garland
Pipers Intellectual Property
John Stevenson
One generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Kokako sitting on a tree branch

The North Island kōkako is a large songbird with an extraordinary haunting song. Their sonorous, organ-like notes are sung by both male and female kōkako, frequently as duet, and typically from a high perch. Did you know? Kōkako are known to sing together from the top of tall trees, producing an extraordinary chorus sound to defend their territories.

Tūī — $5,000 - $9,999

Elaine Gurr Endowment Trust
Sir William and Lady Lois Manchester Trust
Dame Jenny Gibbs
David Hamilton
Sylvia Rosevear
Simon & Carmel O’Neill
Margaret Anderson
One generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Tui perched on a branch

These attractive birds can often be heard singing their beautiful melodies before they are spotted. One can recognise them by their distinctive white tuft under their throat. Each bird’s complex song is slightly different, a colourful mix of musical notes and offbeat sounds. Did you know? Tūī are one of the few bird species that can imitate human speech — and even accents.

Korimako | Bellbird — $1,000 - $4,999

Sandy Bulmer
Keith Guyan
Kai Valley Partnership
Christine Lloyd
Traude Leibbrand
Manchester Unity Trust
One generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Bellbird sitting on a trunk

The melodious bellbird is still widespread, but mammalian predators keep their numbers low. Their song has been described as sounding “like small bells exquisitely tuned”. Did you know? A study of singing in bellbirds across 10 islands in the Hauraki Gulf showed that each population has a different song dialect, just like different dialects in the human language.

Pīwakawaka | Fantail — up to $999

Kate Birch
John Blair
A Campbell
Don Currey
K & R Deeble
Colleen Elliott
Lisa Er
Jane Gee
Pat Henley
Nigel High
Linda Holdaway
Barbara Jackson
Eric Johnstone
Linda Kerr
Vivienne Kerr
Olive Leddy

Yvonne Lucas
Bruce & Sandi McLean
Dr C Middleton
Alison Miller
Richard Milne
J Mitchell
S O’Brien
John & Judy Robertson
Alison Ross
Peter Rowe
Sidney Smith
Richard Sorrenson
Fiona Stewart
B Turner
Jennifer Weller
Five generous donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Fantail perched on a thin branch


Known for its friendly “cheet cheet” call and energetic flying antics, the fantail is one of the most common and widely distributed native birds on the Aotearoa New Zealand mainland. They are often seen fluttering about, catching insects on the wing in a method called “hawking”. Did you know? They feed their chicks every 10 minutes — that’s about 100 times per day!

Text: Laura Duntsch
Photography: Stuart Attwood

Each donation can be viewed on the website and in hardcopy collateral, as appropriate, under these categories. As a donor you have the option of remaining anonymous or having your name published alongside your donation. Please let us know your preference. 

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